Explore the possibilities of our virtual Opensim campus for simulations, distance learning classes, and student designed learning spaces.

University of Cincinnati’s Opensim Virtual Campus is available for virtual classes, building projects, research, and much more.  

What is OpenSim?

OpenSimulator is an open source, multi-user 3D application server that can be used to create and simulate immersive virtual spaces, environments, and worlds.  Similar to the web servers that power the World Wide Web, OpenSim is a new kind of 3D internet server that combines the richness of the “flat” web with advanced simulation technology to create a seamless digital version of the real world – a world where you can create anything you can imagine, teach a class in an environment you design, or even fly to work instead of driving.  You can meet with distant colleagues and students “face-to-face” through digital avatars, collaborate on a project as if you were in the same location, or develop a model or project plan together in real time.

University of Cincinnati Grid Information

The following information will be needed to configure your viewer to access the University of Cincinnati Opensim campus or for visitors to “hypergrid jump” to our grid:

  • Grid Name:  University of Cincinnati
  • Login URI:  http://ucsim.uc.edu:8002
  • Hypergrid Enabled:  yes
  • Center Coords:  9015, 9015

Getting Started

All users of the University of Cincinnati Opensim Virtual Campus must agree to and abide by the Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy.  By creating an account and logging into the service, you agree to abide by the conditions outlined in the policy.

  • Step 4:  Choose the University of Cincinnati Grid in the pull down menu, then login with the username and password you created.  (Your username is the first and last name you selected when you created your account, for example “Bob Bearcat” with a space in the middle.)

Upon logging in, you should see your avatar standing in the Start Location area of the UC Opensim Virtual Campus.  Navigate your avatar using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or the letters W,A,S,D,E,C.

Support & More Information

For more information about Opensim, or to teach a class or do research on U.C’s Opensim Virtual Campus, visit the Opensim FAQ page or contact UCSIM Staff at (513) 556-8562 or via email at ucsim@uc.edu.