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The UCSIM | Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research develops world-class immersive technology applications for research, scientific collaboration, and higher education. We help researchers solve urgent real-world problems in safe virtual spaces, encourage faculty and administrators to re-imagine the university experience with virtual and augmented reality, and partner with industry to develop innovative data visualizations, training simulations, and user experiences.

Our multidisciplinary approach combines subject matter expertise from the university’s scientific community with UCSIM’s technical expertise in augmented and virtual reality application development, computer simulations, 3D modeling, UX/UI, and instructional design to create applications that unleash the potential for scientific discovery, innovation, and new learning capabilities with immersive technologies.

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Discover our cutting edge projects and partnerships with the scientific and research community of Cincinnati. Here you will find a sample of our work that is a culmination of our research and training over the past decade.

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Questions, concerns, or just curious? You can reach us at (513) 556-8562 or

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