The Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research does not typically provide equipment for the university community, however, from time-to-time, we have loaned equipment to our partners for temporary use. Equipment may be checked out for up to 5 business days for approved university business, academic, research, or administrative purposes.

I understand that as a condition of borrowing equipment from the UCIT Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research (UCSIM) the following policies apply:

  • I understand that this equipment is to be used only for official university business in accordance with University Rules 3361:10-17-04 Conduct and ethics: use of university resources Section (B)(3), “…resources shall be used solely for authorized academic, instructional, research, administrative, or contract purposes.”
  • I understand that I am responsible for returning the equipment in the same condition in which it was given to me and I acknowledge that it is my duty to exercise a proper standard of care to assure that it is not stolen or damaged while in my possession, custody, or control.
  • I understand I will be responsible for immediately reporting any theft or vandalism of UCSIM owned equipment to UCSIM by phone (513) 556-8562 or email ucsim@uc.edu and to file a theft report with UC Campus Police (513) 556-6000.
  • I agree not to loan borrowed UCSIM equipment to any other person for any reason and to return the equipment by the agreed upon due date listed below.  I accept full responsibility for the UCSIM owned equipment listed on this form and agree to pay for any damage (including undue or unreasonable wear) or loss.  In such an event, I understand the University of Cincinnati will bill me for the charges.
  • I understand that failure to return the equipment in a timely manner means that other faculty, students, and staff cannot use the equipment. Failure to return borrowed equipment is also in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Failure to return the equipment within 10 business days of the agreed upon due date may result in administrative action, including filing a theft report to UC Campus Police.  


By signing the form electronically below, I acknowledge and agree to the terms of the UCSIM Equipment Loan Policy: