Project Description:
Point-of-Care Center for Emerging Neuro-Technologies (POC-CENT) is dedicated to the development of technologies that will dramatically improve the care and health of the neurologic patient by providing fast and reliable information about the biological events occurring in this patient population. Their virtual POC-CENT campus in Second Life is open to visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week and includes offices to meet with advocates and staff, walk-through tutorials for funding proposals and learning about commercializing medical devices, and a simulation system to train medical students in a virtual urgent care clinic and hospital.

Project Contact:
Dr. Fred Beyette (SL: Neuro Scribe)
Center Director

Dr. BJ Zirger (SL: BJ Zirgar)
Core 4 Team Lead

Point-of-Care Center for Emerging NeuroTechnologies (POC-CENT)
University of Cincinnati
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
PO Box 210030
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0030


UCSIM Staff:
Project Manager: Chris Collins (OS: Fleep Tuque)
Lead Programmer: Matt NeCamp (OS: Matthaus Highwater)
Avatar Design: Ayan Daniels (OS: Ayan Deluxe)
Animation Design & 3D Modeling: Alex Davis (OS: Alex Davis)


Project Highlights


Slip into avatar form and visit the POC-CENT office to meet with an advocate or staff member, or get assistance with funding proposals.

POC-CENT Funding Building

The Funding Building houses four floors of interactive tutorials and simulations to help applicants develop better funding proposals and to better understand the commercialization process for bringing a medical device to market.

POC-CENT Medical Simulation System

One of the key goals of the POC-CENT project is to improve medical student training to improve health care outcomes for patients. The POC-CENT Medical Simulation System allows medical students to participate in interactive simulations that are engaging and immersive learning experiences.