Research Project: Virtual Reality Application for Game Theory, Towers of Hanoi, & Prisoner’s Dilemma Study

Start Date

June 24, 2015

End Date

March 24, 2016

Current Status

Active Development

Project Client:

Jamie Windeler, PhD

Asst. Professor
Dept of Operations & Business Analytics
Lindner College of Business

Project Lead:

William Burke

UCSIM | Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research

Project Sponsor:

Chris M. Collins

UCSIM | Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research

Project Description

Faculty members Jaime Windeler and Andrew Harrison in the Lindner College of Business, Dept. of Operations & Business Analytics requested development of a virtual reality application to allow study participants to perform game theory tasks (Towers of Hanoi and Prisoner’s Dilemma with Punishment Rounds) as part of their ongoing research about economic decision-making.  The purpose of this phase of the study is to measure the effects of fully immersive virtual reality on decision-making.

UCSIM will develop a prototype virtual reality application with game theory exercises for study participants, including a Tower of Hanoi scenario for cooperative play, and a Prisoner’s Dilemma with Punishment Rounds scenario.  The Prisoner’s Dilemma game will feature six (6) rounds where players decide how many tokens to contribute to a group pool, and how many tokens to punish other players for not contributing to the group pool.