UC Campus Demo – Kinect Version

This demonstration is an experiment in exporting GIS data of the University of Cincinnati West campus from Google Earth Streetview and converting the resulting file export into a format usable by Unity3D.

As you will see, the buildings are textured with low resolution images and some structures appear to be folded strangely, but in general the placement of buildings and other campus locations is fairly accurate.  You may also run into objects and areas where we are testing programming concepts, which may or may not work properly.  Have fun exploring!

Click on the image below to access UC’s virtual campus.


Our representative will help you identify if the entire set up is ready for use. Once you see a green light on the Kinect, the following gestures will allow you to navigate through the campus.

Move Forward

Move Backward

Turn Right

Turn Left

Move Forward and Turn Left

For further questions, please contact our representatives or send us an email at ucsim@uc.edu