University of Cincinnati Bicentennial Legacy Gift – Experiencing UC’s Story, History, & Future Through Virtual Reality

Start Date

July 1 2017

End Date

October 1, 2018

Current Status

Active Development

Project Client:

UC Bicentennial Legacy Committee

Richard Harknett,

Tracy Herrmann,

Project Lead:

Chris M. Collins

UCSIM | Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research

Project Sponsor:

UC Foundation

Danute Miskinis
UC Bicentennial Director of Programs & Community Outreach

Project Description

As the University of Cincinnati’s Bicentennial approaches (1819-2019), UC President Neville Pinto proclaimed, “The University of Cincinnati story is unfolding one Boldly Bearcat moment at a time. Our Bicentennial celebration honors the past, elevates the present and bends the future. It propels us onward to our next exciting quest in an epic of unlimited possibilities.” The UC Bicentennial Legacy Committee was formed to, “Commemorate the bicentennial for generations to come via the creation of one or more permanent historical displays around campus,” and the committee met on March 28, 2017 with the following charge: “The Legacy Committee is charged with designing, developing, and producing a Virtual Reality experience that will enable visitors to ‘walk’ through and experience UC’s Story, History and Future. The Committee will also coordinate and oversee the development of a Time-line/memory-bank web platform. The delivery date of both legacies by early October 2018.”

UCSIM will design and develop a virtual reality (VR) application that celebrates the story, history, and future of the University of Cincinnati through five vignettes with the following themes: Bearcat Spirit; Cutting Edge UC; Living, Learning, Leading; UC on the Move; and History of Diversity at UC. Each vignette will include an emotional impact, educational content, and diversity context. The VR experience will be delivered via a fully immersive head-mounted-display (HMD) virtual reality system.

High-Level Requirements

  • The primary deliverable is a desktop executable VR application containing five (5) vignettes.
  • Application must be designed with high comfort for a general, public audience of all ages.
  • Framework must accommodate the possibility of future additional modules.