The University of Cincinnati Second Life Campus is available for faculty, students, and staff who wish to explore the affordances of public virtual worlds like Second Life for teaching, learning, and research.  To use UC’s Second Life campus, users must create an account through this website and NOT through the public Second Life website.

QuickLinks to Get Started

What is Second Life?

Second Life is a public virtual world, a new kind of 3D internet. Second Life combines the richness of the “flat” web with advanced simulation technology to create a seamless digital version of the real world – a world where you can create anything you can imagine, teach a class in an environment you design, or even fly to work instead of driving. In Second Life, you can meet with distant colleagues and students “face-to-face” through digital avatars, collaborate on a project as if you were in the same location, or develop a model or project plan together in real time.

Who Uses Second Life?

Second Life is being used widely by both the public and the private sector, including over 400 universities from around the world. Business and industry also use Second Life to rapidly prototype new products, train a global workforce, and market to consumers in new ways. Governments have established virtual embassies, outreach offices, and recruiting centers. In Ohio, the University of Cincinnati has taken a leadership role, collaborating with sixteen other colleges and universities in the state.

UC’s Virtual Campus in Second Life

The UC Second Life Project was established in 2006 as a pilot project to explore the feasibility of using the Second Life platform for teaching, learning, and research. By 2011, the project expanded to include 48 acres of virtual land with hundreds of faculty, students, and staff using Second Life for distance learning and traditional face-to-face courses, research projects, and delivering campus services in a virtual environment. Our team provides training, support, and development services so you can fully explore how Second Life might enhance your department’s outreach or research projects.

Reserve Space on the UC Second Life Campus

To establish a space on the University of Cincinnati’s virtual campus, select the appropriate plot size for your department, class, or research project, and then contact us to reserve your space.