Himanshu Ajmera, Co-Op Student Programmer

Himanshu Ajmera

Himanshu Ajmera

Software Developer, Co-Op

Himanshu Ajmera is a graduate student programmer for the UCSIM | Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research. He is exploring data analytics and visualization using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) while pursuing an M.S. in Information Technology. When not working on game-development projects, he prefers to play with data. He is also working on a conference paper that talks about AR/VR in Healthcare.

  • For Bicentennial, he has implemented Google Analytics to track events and player behavior. http://ucsim.uc.edu/staff/knowledgebase/game-analytics/
  • For Mobile AR App for Salesforce Training, he has designed UI and Use Case for the app and collaborated with team members to meet sprint deadlines.
  • For Medicaid Equity Simulation Project, he has used VRTK and worked with advance interaction and events in Unity.

Apart from his current project, he is researching with ML-Agents in Unity to improve game design and texturing. Also, Himanshu has contributed his significant time and efforts in Augmented Reality headsets like Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap one.

To know more about his professional life: himanshuajmera.github.io