Scott Lanham, Co-Op UI/UX Designer

Scott Lanham

Scott Lanham

UI/UX Designer, Co-Op

Scott Lanham is an undergraduate student UI/UX designer and 3D modeler for the UCSIM | Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research. He performs a variety of tasks including graphic design, 3D modeling, and audio editing. When not focused on game-development projects, he enjoys learning and practicing new skills that he can implement into his work.

For Bicentennial, he has created a variety of 2D and 3D assets including extensive work in the Lobby scene.

For Virtual Patient, he helped design and lay out UI elements for menus and game interactions.

For the Medicaid Equity Simulation Project, he has modeled a variety of different 3D assets, worked in unity to create game environments, and edited much of the dialogue present in the project.

Apart from his current project, Scott has helped demo AR and VR technology at several events to a variety of audiences.