Alexandra Papaioannou, 3D Artist Co-Op

Alexandra Papaioannou

Alexandra Papaioannou

3D Artist, Co-Op

Alexandra Papaioannou is an undergraduate 3D artist for the UCSIM | Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research. She sculpts, textures, and animates 3D models for virtual reality (VR) environments while pursuing a B.S. in fashion design. She also works on UI/UX development for the simulations as well as clothing designs for characters.

• For Bicentennial, she has modeled UC campus buildings and created UI designs to help guide the player through the simulation.
• For Mobile AR App for Salesforce Training, she has designed UI for the app (such as buttons and various layouts) and then handedthem over to team members for further development.
• For Medicaid Equity Simulation Project, she has modeled environments (such as a clinic, lobby, apartment, and hospital room), props, clothing, and characters as well as designed UI and created animations in Unity.

Alexandra works primarily with Maya Autodesk, Unity, Substance Painter, and the Adobe Suite and is currently training to use Clo3D for garment designs and Houdini for sculpting and simulations. Through this experience at UCSIM, she is hoping tocombine her 3D modeling experience with fashion design to introduce alternate, more eco-friendly solutions to the fashion industry.

To see some of her personal work, please visit: Alexandra’s Porfolio