Divine Roper, Intern

Divine Roper

Divine Roper

Divine Roper is a high school intern learning 3D art and modeling at the UCSIM | Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research. He is currently in his senior year at Woodward Career Technical High School. He plans to to attend Shawnee State University in the fall of 2017, majoring in game design and development. Divine has many skills, including a strategic and adaptive mind-set.  During his time in UCSIM, Divine learned how to use Adobe Photoshop to alter images, 3DS Max to create and texture 3D models, and the Unity game engine to create Google Cardboard apps. “Working in UCSIM is a great opportunity for me, because it’s one step to becoming a game designer which is another life goal of mine. I’ve promised to use everything I’ve  learned here to be a step ahead of the game.”

Software Used

3D Modeling – 3DS MAX 

Image Editing – Photoshop CC 2017

Game Engine – Unity 3D