UCSIM developed an augmented reality application to depict what the future of an office work environment could look like. With the use of location tracking, the user can move around the office space and explore our work, fast facts, or check a coworker’s virtual calendar all with the use of the Magic Leap and HoloLens headset.

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The UCSIM developed a deployable, portable AR Centriole Assembly augmented reality mobile application that can be used as a demonstrable product. Included in the total deliverables are the 2D trigger images of the centriole microtubule to be augmented and an augmented reality mobile application for accessing the augmented imaging (Android and iOS) and computer graphic modeling necessary to support the final product. 

Thisproposal is to design and build an interprofessional virtual clinical experience platform for nursing, medicine, pharmacy, and allied health students enrolled in onsite, blended, and online programs. The virtual clinical simulation system gives students the opportunity to safely engage in a variety healthcare scenarios while practicing skills, processes, and procedures until perfected. Each simulation will be carefully designed to meet specific learning objectives while providing interactive, handson, and

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