Project Description

Bedside Clinical Teaching (BCT) is a teaching method for bringing evidence-based knowledge about clinical problems and patient-specific information together in an encounter at the bedside to increase information exchange and skill development between direct caregivers including nurse assistants (NAs), licensed practical nurses, and other RNs providing direct care. This encounter is led by an RN who develops and coordinates the learning experience. BCT facilitates patient-centered care, promotes safety through improved communication and use of evidence-based care practices.


BCT is conducted to build knowledge and skill by strengthening communication and linkage among staff through the exchange of information among paraprofessional and professional nursing staff and the interdisciplinary team in patient care. the BCT session utilizes adult learning principles in dynamic experiential learning sessions that capitalize on the existing staff strengths in knowledge and skill, to build a shared fund of knowledge among a functional team (such as a clinical unit) as well as among staff within the larger organization


In a short encounter of 10-20 minutes, the RN leads a teaching session at the resident’s bedside that involves identification of a specific clinical topic or skill and the need for applying or using this skill in the care of that patient.

The RN identifies the focus of the session and uses a variety of methods in this experimental learning encounter such as demonstration/return demonstration, coaching, and skill-building. The learning encounter focuses on how the staff would use the new skill in the care of the patient according to their care needs. The patient’s care plan is reviewed and goals emphasized. The role and responsibility of each staff member is emphasized and skill building focuses on increasing competency and confidence.