The UCSIM | Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research collaborated with the UC Athletics Department to develop a prototype research software to measure distance perception in student athletes and collect preliminary data in preparation to solicit funding for further research and development. 


The goal of the research project was to determine baseline distance perception performance, develop and test training methodologies to assess distance perception performance, and ultimately improve athletic performance outcomes. If successful, the training techniques and software application may positively impact performance of UC student athletes, and have licensing/commercialization potential to third party sports organizations.

Configuring the Application

Operator users of the Distance Measuring Application will have access to several important functions, including the ability to change the ratio of near/far throws, whether the position is randomized, the controls, and the appearance of the screen.

User Guide

The following guide is for the users who will be inside of the virtual environment in the Distance Measuring Application:

  1. Once instructed by the administrator, sit down on the computer, and rest your fingers on the a,s,d and j,k,l keys
  2. When you are ready to begin, press the P button
  3. At random intervals, a character will appear on one of the screens. The keys that represent each screen are shown at the bottom
  4. When a symbol pops up, press the key that represents what the symbol is.
  5. a/j represent letters of the alphabet, such as a or g
  6. s/k represent numbers, such as 3 or 6
  7. d/l represent symbols that are neither letters or numbers, such as ♫ or &
  8. Depending on the control setup, the key that represents a screen may be different, but the selection of the symbol will stay the same.